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body revamped

Body Revamped Bootcamp

8876 Colerain Avenue
Cincinnati OH 45251

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 513-328-1319

Specializing in Bootcamps, Personal Training, Bridal Bootcamps and more

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Body Revamped LLC is a black-owned fitness business owned by Tosha Hill, an African American Certified Fitness Trainer. Fitness and weight-loss services include in-person and virtual boot camps and personal training.

In-person Bootcamp classes:

Body Revamped LLC also offers in-person Bootcamp classes are held at the Body Revamped studio in Colerain The boot camp takes place for one hour. Participants are accepted from ages 16 years of age and older. Classes are modified to fit participants’ needs.

Participants will:

  • use kettlebells
  • use dumbbells
  • use resistance bands
  • use jump ropes
  • use medicine balls
  • perform bodyweight exercises
  • be weighed during their first class
  • take before pictures and measurements.
  • be weighed weekly to track their progress
  • receive a grocery list
  • receive a healthy snack list
  • receive a food log
  • receive fitness tip sheets
  • receive customized home workouts

Virtual Bootcamps:

Body Revamped LLC has Live Virtual Bootcamps are held five days per week via Zoom. Participants are added to a private Facebook group where they will receive motivational support and encouragement.

Participants will:

  • have access to a grocery list
  • have access to a healthy snack list
  • have access to a food log
  • have access to fitness tip sheets
  • have access to specialized home workouts.
  • set individual fitness goals
  • track their goals weekly
  • submit before pictures at the start of their program
  • submit after pictures once completed.

Personal Training:

Body Revamped LLC Personal Training is a monthly service. There are two weekly one-hour sessions for four weeks. The sessions are customized based on the participant’s goals. Interested participants will receive a free consultation.

Bridal Bootcamp:

Body Revamped LLC Bridal Bootcamp is an eight-week customized Bootcamp with the bride and her wedding party. This Bootcamp will be held Live via Zoom two days per week.

Clients receive these items to aid in their fitness journey:

  • a grocery list
  • a healthy snack list
  • a food log
  • fitness tip sheets
  • customized home workouts
  • be weighed and measured during their first session
  • before and after pictures


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For more information


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 513-328-1319

Twitter / Instagram: @bodyrevampedllc

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