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Lotus Beauty

Lotus Beauty and Skincare Products

Cincinnati OH

Online retailer of all-natural serums that address common and dermatological hair and skin conditions

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Lotus Beauty skincare serums and body oils are made using the natural and organic healing power of plants and herbs therapeutic for all skin types. Lotus Beauty skincare products address dermatological hair and skin conditions common in African Americans and people of color. These conditions include eczema, dry and sensitive skin, rosacea or redness, hyperpigmentation and hair loss.

Beauticians, estheticians and individuals use Lotus Beauty serums and body oils. These skincare products can be used as a moisturizer, natural Neosporin, an exfoliant after waxing, a treatment for razor bumps, or massage oil for overall hydration for any skin type.

Lotus Beauty Skincare Products:

Lotus Beauty S(ol) Face Serum
A hyper-moisturizing anti-aging serum targets dry skin, eczema and rosacea to create an even skin tone. S(ol) Face Serum contains Calendula and roses with natural SPF, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. These properties make it helpful in nourishing wrinkles and fine lines, healing wounds, hydrating dry skin eczema, and relieving diaper rash. Applied as a part of a daily skincare routine as an antioxidant after a cleanser and before an SPF sunscreen to address the signs of aging.

Lotus Beauty Wealthy Body Oil
An almond oil-based luxurious body oil with roses and Rosehip contains anti-inflammatory ingredients developed to improve complexion and skin tone, treat acne and acne-prone skin, relieve dryness and leave skin silky smooth. The oil is applied to damp skin after bathing and before lotion. The result is a radiant and hydrated look and feel with a fresh fragrance.

Lotus Beauty Black Forest Beard Oil
A unique blend of six oils infused with peppermint and lavender. Formulated to stimulate beard growth and moisturize facial hair and skin without the feeling of oily skin. When used as a daily regimen, beard oil opens clogged pores, relieves razor bumps and aids in extracting ingrown hairs and soothes irritable skin.


About the Owners:

Kevin Williams and Loren McCauley founded Lotus Beauty. The skincare company was founded in response to adverse reactions and less than desirable results using over-the-counter hair and skin products. Common and dermatological treatments for their skin conditions drove them to research and identify plants and herbs with natural remedies to hair and skin conditions common among African Americans and people of color. With the help of an esthetician and a dermatologist, effective products were developed.

For more information and to purchase S(ol) Face Serum, Wealthy Body Oil, Black Forest Beard Oil and other Lotus Beauty hair and skincare products, visit For tips on using organic and natural hair and skincare products, follow Lotus Beauty on Facebook and Instagram at @lotusbeautycincinnati.


The Cosmetic and Personal Care Industry:

The Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) is the leading national trade association representing cosmetics and personal care products companies.  The Independent Beauty Association (IBA) fosters the success of entrepreneurial companies in the independent cosmetic and personal care industries by providing education, networking, and legislative advocacy.


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