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Metric Environmental LLC

Metric Environmental

810 Plum Street Ste 4, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Suite 4
Cincinnati OH 45202

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 513-402-1400

Sustainability consulting company

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Metric Environmental LLC is a Black-owned environmental consulting firm based in Indiana with an office in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ken Beache is the president of this firm. The Black-owned environmental regulations consulting company is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for complex environmental challenges.

The Black-owned business is a multidisciplinary environmental consulting practice that conducts services for public, private, and federal clients. Through this, the company strives to enhance the communities in which they work. Metric also works along with the personal and professional lives of the people whom they serve.


  • Assessment and Remediation

Metric Environmental offers extensive project experience in environmental site assessments for potential impacts from hazardous materials and related operations. This assists in the determination of the nature and extent of a variety of soil, surface, and groundwater impairments.

  • Industrial Hygiene

The firm has vast and unique industrial hygiene project experience. This ranges from small structures to large industrial and pharmaceutical facilities for both public and private clients.

  • Stormwater Services

Metric’s Stormwater Quality Managers provide guidance and recommendations to contractors throughout project activities. This stormwater management minimizes the potential for the release of sediment and other pollutants into waterways. The Black-owned environmental company also provides qualified professionals to perform self-monitoring inspections. These inspections occur throughout construction activities on a project until adequate soil stabilization is achieved.

  • Natural Resources

The environmental-protection company offers a diverse group of wetland scientists, environmental scientists, ecologists, and other technical experts. These professionals assist the client with State and Federal Clean Water Act regulations. The firm specializes in all areas of natural resource management, including planning, mitigation, and permitting.

  • NEPA Compliance

The NEPA and Permitting staff has experience in all aspects of the NEPA process as outlined by various federal agencies.

  • Cultural Resources

Metric provides many services to assist clients in compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.

The Black-owned environmental compliance firm’s team houses a myriad of licensed professionals. These include engineers,  geologists, hazardous materials managers, LEED Accredited professionals, ISI environmental sustainability professionals, and licensed asbestos inspectors and designers. The company also houses professional historians and archaeologists.


Metric Environmental LLC’s mission is to ethically perform exemplary environmental consulting services. This challenges the company’s people enhances their communities and inspires those who work with the firm. The company’s diverse collection of environmental consultants and pollution-prevention professionals asserts decades of experience. Metric successfully works with people in the completion of every project through a full range of environmental services and regulatory compliance.

About the President

Kenneth Beache is the President and Senior Environmental Engineer of Metric Environmental. He oversees the strategic direction of the business in the areas of business development and general governance whilst acting as senior engineer of record. Having achieved his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Howard University, he later pursued a Master of Science Degree from Purdue University in Environmental Engineering. Later, Kenneth acquired licensure as a registered architect and professional engineer with an environmental focus.

For more information about how the environmental company helps the community, call the Cincinnati office at (513) 402-1400. Additionally, you may email the environmental management firm at [email protected].

Links to Metric Environmental LLC’s website and Facebook.

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For more information


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 513-402-1400

Twitter / Instagram: @metricenv

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