Dwan Ward, a native of Bellamy, Alabama, founded Alabama Que BBQ Cincinnati in 2008. It was originally located on the West Side of Cincinnati, and only on the weekends. When the business started, Ward sold fried food to accommodate his fried food loving customers and generate more income, but he knew his passion remained in BBQ.

In May of 2012, Ward moved the business to Short Vine and removed all fried food from the menu. Ward wanted to stick to his passion of BBQ and make that the true signature of Alabama Que. In July 2012, Alabama Que was featured on the front page of the business section of the Cincinnati Enquirer for catering to the health-conscious BBQ lovers and non-pork eaters. All side items at Alabama Que are non-pork based. Greens and green beans are made with Smoked Turkey. The baked beans are vegetarian beans, and all meat is cooked on a separate grill and cut with different knives.

Alabama Que has become a local hot spot for professional athletes and celebrities. To keep up with the growing demand for his food around the Cincinnati area, Ward launch the Alabama Que food truck in May of 2014 and he looks forward to continuing to serve the BBQ lovers of Cincinnati.


2733 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219