At C&M Cincinnati BBQ Restaurant, chefs whip up a flavorful blend of Caribbean and Southern cuisine, with fall-off-the-bone barbecue and Jamaican treats served side by side. Guests can dine on ribs slathered in spicy sauce, or sink their teeth into the likes of jerk chicken or thick oxtail stews.

Their most popular menu items are the Jerk Chicken Dinner Combo, Ribs Tips Dinner Combo, Pulled Pork Dinner Combo, Half Ribs Dinner Combo, and the Chicken Dinner Wings Combo.

Customer Reviews:

Trevor S. from Belmont, MA- "This place actually has Caribbean food (I.e. Not Mexican) sweet plantains are done right and the rib tips and chicken are both solid options."

Andrea P. from Dallas, TX- "I opted for the rib tips dinner which was absolutely delicious! The portion sizes are huge and it was basically enough for a dinner and leftovers. I was excited to find some authentic Jamaican sodas is in the cooler."

Ayanna B. from Cincinnati, OH- "Love this place. Owner is very nice and food is fantastic. A local must try. Support your black businesses!"

Their hours are Monday-Saturday, 10:00 A.M.-8:00 P.M.; visit them at 6457 Kennedy Ave for some great BBQ!


6457 Kennedy Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45213


(513) 631-8888