Sweets by Ladawn is a multi-faceted Cincinnati desserts business that sells cakes, cookies, and other desserts to the Cincinnati area.

About the Owner

LaDawn Spivery has always loved baking, since her first loaf of cornbread as a child to her famous Italian Cream Cake which inspired her to start her own business. She's cooked in Louisiana for most of her life, but brought her baked goodness back to Cincinnati following Hurricane Katrina.

She creates a variety of sheet cakes for any occasion. The cream frosting is so decadent on top of the fluffy, soft cakes, you'll want to try every variety. She even has fillings for her cakes, each injected with a delightful flavor from raspberry, banana cream, peanut butter cream to cookies and cream filling. Frostings range from white chocolate cream cheese to chocolate ganache, and customers have their choice of five.

She can create any custom style of sheet cake too: from elegant bridal styles to birthday cakes with miniature fondant people.

After Hurricane Katrina, Sweets by LaDawn was reborn in a new town but with the same mission...To make sweets and baked goods that your grandmother made, that you would make if you had the time. Stop in today to try her decadent treats that are truly one-of-a-kind.


7031 Plainfield Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236