Mardi Gras on Madison is a Cincinnati food truck that offers New Orleans specials to Walnut Hills.

Customer Reviews:

Brittney R. from Cincinnati, OH- "Mardi Gras on Madison is a gem! It's a spot we love to take visitors who are looking for some down to earth flavor. "

Mark F. from Mason, OH- "Terrific shrimp Po boy. Greens were also very very good. I can't wait to try their dinner food."

Lauren M. from Cincinnati, OH- "5-stars for the food. Always consistently phenomenal. I brought my parents here when they were visiting me, and my dad talked about this place for an entire week."

Will W. from Bellevue, KY- "Ok, so this place is amazingly good. They can be tough to catch when they are open (mostly because they run the food truck during the week) but are almost always open on Thursday/ Friday."

Call 513-873-9041 to inquire about store hours and 513-833-1342 to inquire about the food truck location and hours.


1524 Madison Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206