Are you looking for a black-owned art gallery in Cincinnati? If so, Joseph Clark Gallery may be for you!

Joseph Clark Gallery is the inspiration of curator and owner Lowery Joseph Clark. An avid collector of African art for more than 25 years, he opened the Gallery in 2011. As a student of African art, Lowery determined that the Cincinnati tri-state area did not have an art gallery that featured a diverse selection of African art.

The Joseph Clark Gallery showcases the traditional arts and artifacts of Sub-Saharan Africa. African statues and figures, masks, ritual objects, earthenware, textiles, tribal currencies, bronze figures and plaques, terracotta, jewelry, dolls, and so much more is available for viewing and purchasing. The gallery also feature the varied artworks of local artists and artisans.

Joseph Clark Gallery's primary objective is to provide exceptional and unique art from the African continent with emphasis on the people of Sub-Saharan Africa. The gallery strives to expose visitors to the history and cultures of the ethnic groups represented in its displays and place the art objects themselves in context to provide insight into their use and functions.

As a black-owned art gallery showcasing African art in Cincinnati, Ohio, we value you as a visitor. Don't hesitate - check out our website or stop by today!


4038 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45223


(513) 351-8111