Are you looking for a retailer of African art in Cincinnati? If so, Kilimanjaro African Heritage may be the store for you!

We are a retail store and the pieces that you see online or displayed in the store are not duplicates since they are hand made. If you are interested in any of our works, please let us know!

Kilimanjaro is the name of our store which is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have been in operation here since 1986. We are devoted exclusively to collecting and selling African Art and other products. Along with African Art from different regions of the Continent we also carry a large selection of African clothing for the entire family, jewelry, fabric, books, music and musical instruments.

Mbindyo (TITUS) Nzioki, the owner of the store is a wood caver who was born and raised in a small woodcarving village of Wamunyu in eastern Kenya. His father Nzioki Mutweia and grandfather Mutweia Itaa were woodcarvers. Titus spent his early years working with his father at a family gallery in Nairobi and later worked in various galleries in The Netherlands and Switzerland before coming to the US. Titus travels to Africa every year to buy and collect new products for the store.

OUR MISSION is to share our heritage with the rest of the world. Providing a reasonable outlet for the artists to market their products without the common exploitation that is associated with sweatshops.

Located on Ludlow Avenue, we are part of the Cincinnati community and value your business. By selling African art in Cincinnati, we hope to bring beautiful and authentic pieces to the tri-state area. Don't hesitate - visit our store or contact us today!



310 Ludlow Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220


(513) 221-0700