Are you looking for a black-owned lifestyle boutique in Cincinnati? If so, NOVE home & body décor may be for you!

NOVE home & body decor is a lifestyle boutique in Cincinnati created by Interior Designer Yvonne Ballard. Evon is "N-O-V-E" from "the Italian word meaning "9" in English." We specialize in Interior design and providing an online shop here of exclusive fashion and decor. We host Pop Up Shops to build relationships and offer exclusive fashion in person, see events tab for the shop calendar. Shop our curated selection of fashion and decor here online or contact us for your special project. We would love to hear from you!

Our decor collections highlight fashion personalities based off of Yvonne Ballard's perception of style. From childhood she had the gift of touch for Interior Design and Fashion Styling practices." Since the age of 2 she loved to play dress up and change clothes multiple times a day" claims her Mother. Yvonne's eclectic scense of vision" is described to be a gift from God. Each collection is an updated version of her lifestyle that converts into wearable fashion for clients that are inspired by her taste.

THE 9TH AVENUE COLLECTION: Street wear for confident men & women on the go discovering themself, features cardigans & bags.
THE CABARET COLLECTION: Celebrates individuality through sequin fashion, bold tones and statement jewelry perfect for parties.
THE FREE-SPIRIT COLLECTION: An unresticted combination of eccentric fashion accents.
THE NOIR COLLECTION: An opulant collection of modern styles featuring black trends.
NOVE home & body decor is unique for enhancing individuality and transforming any canvas. Mission: To empower + inspire through fashion.
Our way of investing in community is through our featured artists slot located in home decor. There is so much undiscovered talent, based on genre, race, financial status or access to resources, Artist's are unseen or not respected within their platform. The Nove Focus is to showcase our Artists by supporting them getting noticed by our respectable audiences. This is important to us becouse Yvonne was told no" to her concepts by the industry for several years prior to establishing NOVE home & body decor in 2013. "God said YES" to #Thenoveexperience
Stay tuned for NOVE brand fashion that highlights the Free Spirit Collection coming soon...


6457 Glenway Ave. Suite 141
Cincinnati, OH 45211