Preferred Price Backlining Cincinnati is here to serve the Cincinnati area for all of your instrument backlining needs. We carry instruments and sound equipment for concerts, conferences, and various speaking engagements. We also offer daily, weekly and monthly rentals. PPB offers the best equipment as well as whatever else you need that you were about to Google and search for next! 

About the Owner

Just a little bit about me, my name is Tim Price and I was born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio. Growing up with both sides of my family being musicians, I naturally followed after my Dad and started playing drums at a young age. At the beginning of my sophomore year of High School I was influenced to play bass guitar by the Hometown legend Bootsy Collins. After begging my parents for about a year they finally broke down and bought me a Fender Squire bass starter pack. About four or five months later, Hughes finally got a marching band and since I couldn’t march Bass Guitar, I picked up Baritone Sax and marched for my last two years of High School and 2 years at the University of Cincinnati! My first year at UC was 2009 when the football team went undefeated the regular season behind Mardy Gilyard and went to New Orleans for the Orange Bowl! You can imagine that was a life changing experience for someone that has only been playing for two years! Currently I am the bassist for New Prospect Baptist Church and various Gospel groups and cover bands.
The mission of Preferred Price Backlining Cincinnati is to help restore the professionalism that has been missing from the Cincinnati entertainment community and to help the small business community grow. I want to use my One Stop Shop page to give as many small businesses publicity that I can and give them access to an exclusive clientele base that they may not have had access to before. Being born and raised here, I have a love for this city and especially the entrepreneurs that take their lives into their own hands. Together, we will grow and change the future of this community!


1580 Summit Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45225