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AllPro Technologies IT Services

5070 Crookshank Road
Cincinnati OH 45238

Technology Consultant, Managed IT Services, Web development and SEO.

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AllPro Technologies is a Black-owned tech company. They are a leading IT consulting company that serves small to medium businesses. They reduce downtime and improve efficiency through proactive system monitoring, management, and maintenance. They worry about technology so you don’t have to.

AllPro Technologies a full-service technology company that installs and maintains access door control systems, surveillance systems, and security alarm systems. They provide 24/7/365 help-desk support, along with onsite computer, laptop, and server repair.

AllPro Technologies are top notch networking support specialists. They install, replace, and maintain, routers, firewalls, wireless access points, switches, network racks, and cabinets. They run structured Cat6 cable for new or existing offices.

They are an authorized reseller of hardware like computers, laptops, and servers. They install, replace, upgrade, and maintain computer hardware as well. Power supplies, fans, hard drives, and motherboards are usually top of the list of items that need to be replaced.

AllPro Technologies provides a wide array of security services like antivirus, network intrusion software, dark web monitoring, and email phishing training. They ensure HIPPA compliance for networks, email, data storage, and encryption.

AllPro is an expert in data backup for disasters or everyday system crashes. They store local copies of critical data along with cloud copies that can be stored in multiple locations.

AllPro creates websites for small to medium businesses that not only look good but also drive customers to your door with SEO. They focus on getting clients on page 1 of Google for their industry keywords. This drives more traffic to their website which results in more sales.

They are experts in VOIP phone systems. AllPro installs new VOIP phone systems, as well as troubleshoot poor voice quality on existing systems. They consult with clients to make sure their phone system is set up properly and calls are answered and routed to the proper pickup groups, paging areas, or office staff.

AllPro Technologies has Apple certified repair technicians. They support and maintain iMacs and MacBooks for hardware and software issues.

Links to AllPro’s BBB and Google Business Profile.

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For more information



Phone: 513-661-4333

Twitter / Instagram: @allprotech5

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