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black-owned law firm bey associates

Bey & Associates Attorneys at Law , LLC

312 Elm Street
Suite 1485
Cincinnati OH 45229

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Bey & Associates, LLC is a Black-owned and operated law firm representing individuals and families who have been injured or harmed. With offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Cincinnati, Ohio, the firm has a national presence and continues to gain customers at a rapid pace.

Bey & Associates, LLC concentrates its practice in the areas of:

  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Product Liability
  • Defective Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • Defective Medical Devices
  • Civil Rights
  • Consumer Protection.

Bey & Associates, LLC, owned by Attorney N. John Bey, is one of the few black-owned law firms in the Cincinnati area. The firm services the Cincinnati and Dayton areas and commits to excellence in the practice of law, protecting the rights of its clients, and serving the legal community and the community at large.

Bey & Associates, LLC  has a diverse team of 14 attorneys, along with numerous other paralegals and staff. It prides itself on not only being of service to the African-American community, but also being an employer of African-Americans and other people of color.

Together, the staff has over 45 years of experience representing injured persons, class actions, and mass tort litigation. Also, a few have been named as Top Trial Lawyers by the National Black Lawyers Top 100 and the National Trial Lawyers Top 100. Furthermore, many have been recognized by numerous other organizations for their accomplishments.

The staff of Bey & Associates, LLC are members and/or have served on the boards of various legal and community-based organizations. Organizations include the American Association for Justice (AAJ), the Ohio Association for Justice (OAJ), the Black Lawyers Association of Cincinnati (BLAC), the Cincinnati Academy of Leadership for Lawyers (CALL), the Cincinnati Bar Foundation, and the Summer Work Experience in Law (SWEL) program.

Links to Bey & Associates, LLC’s BBB, Linkedin, and Google Business Profile

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For more information



Phone: (513) 276-4611

Twitter / Instagram: @beyandassociatesllc

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