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How much money did you give the government this year?

Swain Consulting, LLC is a black-owned consulting company in Cincinnati. They possess the IRS forms that allow business owners the ability to reduce their taxes annually. This is done by utilizing the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program. Employees can qualify your company to receive credits in ten categories.


Let them help guide you through the red tape and visit www.swainconsultingllc.com. Also, you may call 513-818-1753 or email Stevie@swainconsultingllc.comLet Swain Consulting help you save thousands on your tax bill so that you can reallocate the funds to your business growth.


About Swain Consulting

Managing your business takes all the time you have. From Daycares to Dry Cleaners, Staffing Services to Janitorial Services, or whatever your passion, you might find yourself wondering at the end of the year if you could have made better financial decisions.  Black-owned consulting company Swain Consulting can help you stay ahead of the game with proven experience with Work Opportunity Tax Credits, Payroll services, Accounting, Financial Consulting, and more.


About Stevie Swain

During her 30+ years of Management and Operational Management experience, Stevie Swain discovered that her ability to help, fix and repair business issues for people was to be her life’s work.


When she noticed that some of her business clients had to close their doors due to owing too much in taxes, she knew she had to do something about it. With her extensive knowledge in Financial Consulting along with her ability to provide the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program, she established Swain Consulting, LLC to help business leaders understand and make informed financial choices.


Furthermore, Stevie works alongside with award-winning April Ferguson, CPA, who specializes in Payroll, Accounting, and Taxes, and Apryl Pope, who specializes in Investment Strategies.  These team members give Swain Consulting LLC a wealth of knowledge in overall financial management. Whatever your financial needs may be, Swain Consulting’s leadership team is here to serve.

For more information

Web: http://swainconsultingllc.com

Email: stevie@swainconsultingllc.com

Phone: 513-818-1753