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Lights. Camera. Fashion.

Let black-owned fashion company Paparazzi Ready boost your wardrobe

Paparazzi Ready is a Cincinnati black-owned fashion company that continues to strive in order to make a difference in the community. It is home to fashionable jewelry, clothing, and unique accessories.  In addition, their excellent customer service, selfie programs (which allows customers an opportunity to receive a feature on their website), state-of-the-art packaging, and free appreciation gift, all contribute towards their customer retention.

Paparazzi Ready‘s fashion can be seen in various weddings, trade shows, fashion shows and magazines. Also, this black-owned fashion company and its products receive consistent reviews by numerous social media bloggers. As a result, they are given high ratings on products and services.

Although they take great pride in serving their customers, Paparazzi Ready’s greatest attribute is their philanthropy program. Most noteworthy, In collaboration with The Paparazzi Ready Experience, they grant homeless youth an opportunity to utilize their online charity boutique.  They immerse themselves in various humanitarian efforts and overall eagerness to put a smile on each customer’s face.

Paparazzi Ready’s goals are to increase self-esteem, promote self-care, and give those in need the same opportunities as others. Their continuing mission towards combating youth homelessness continues to gain support and affords them the opportunity to provide The Charity Boutique, graduation assistance, prom sponsorship, meal share, meal prep, Christmas giveaways, summer job internship programs, and their latest project – the Spring pop-up shop.

Soon, Paparazzi Ready will be collaborating with The Paparazzi Ready Experience and local shelters. This collaboration will give youth an opportunity to participate in an ultimate shopping experience and beauty seminar. These programs, in addition to others, are just a few examples of their commitment towards helping build a better tomorrow.

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Phone: 513-252-5609

Twitter / Instagram: @paparazzi_ready

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