Balizza Healthcare Solutions

Harrison ave in Cheviot, Opposite the Post office
3341 Harrison Avenue
Cincinnati OH 45211

Balizza, the spirit of determination.

This Black-owned healthcare company can help you train for your next career.


Black-owned health care company Balizza Healthcare Solutions (HCS)was started by two sisters who are both Registered Nurses who noted and increase in the demand for quality healthcare givers to our growing elderly population. Their passion for health and wellness of elderly stems from the fact that we were raised by grandparents. As children, they saw first hand the challenges they faced just from the effects of aging and didn’t know how to help. Its the same reason why tey chose to pursue a careers in healthcare field.

At Balizza HCS, we equip ordinary people with skills and tools that enable them become extraordinary healthcare providers. From STNA (State tested Nurse Aides) classes, Ohio State STNA testing, CPR certification, Retail sales of Uniforms for healthcare Providers, job placement and mentor those wishing to start a career in the health care field.

Their  business model is based on five values referred to as “IRISE” Integrity, Respect, Inspire, Serve and Excellence. Their mission is to improve the health and wellness of the elderly through training of the people that care for them at very basic level. In the process, we are empowering individuals who had lost hope on getting a rewarding steady job. To enroll in their training program, partipants need to be at least 18-years-old, high school Diploma is preferred but not required, a negative criminal background, drug test and a good dose of compassion to make a difference in lives of others.

What sets them apart is not only the 35 years of experience combined in the healthcare field as Registered Nurses, the passion for teaching about healthcare, but also the location of their business. They grew up in West Wood and over the years have seen a decline in the kind of services offered and saw a gap unfilled. Their students tell them about the positive impact made in their lives. For a new company, 23 students have graduated so far and 21 have passed their state test, have full time jobs and loving it. There are also 3 enrolled in Nursing school. Balizza Healthcare Solutions are making a difference in the community.

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