Chic Life

6428 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati OH 45213

Live Life. Love God. Live Chic 💋

Brand your self-love, care and action with this Black-owned women’s t-shirt company.


Black-owned women’s t-shirt company Chic Life is an apparel company that promotes wearing your beauty from the inside out. Our goal is to make Chic Life not just a brand but a lifestyle. Our mission is to promote a lifestyle of self-care, positive self-image, and wholeness.

Chic Life was birthed over my lifetime, I just didn’t know it until July of 2017. I often hid my brokenness behind my make up and clothes. I tried to hide the hurt and pain I experienced. At my breaking point, I realized that I didn’t want to be just another “pretty face”, I wanted to be a beautiful person. So with that, I decided to create something I can wear as a banner. “Chic” meaning fashionable or elegant, is how I’m going to live my life and encouraging others along the way. I am all for making ourselves beautiful on the outside. But I’m an advocate for your beauty shining from within.

Currently, we have a variety of tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies. We have our signature “Chic Life” designs. In addition to that, we have designs that promote “black girl magic” such as our “Black Girl Chic” (returning 1/21/19); and our Afrocentric “Queen” designs.

We are currently in the process of expanding Chic Life into cosmetics, in hopes to be an all-around “beauty brand”. The launch date for our lip line will be soon. It’s an exciting venture we are jumping into.

Lastly, Chic Life is working to be a staple name in the realm of self-care and wholeness. The goal is to host a series of self-care workshops to promote inner and outer beauty all across the Globe and create an empire to build wealth for our communities for my generation forward.

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