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Bold Visions Empowerment Consulting

P.O. Box 531969
Cincinnati OH 45253

Self empowerment: own it!

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Bold Visions Consulting is a Black-owned therapy and personal coaching service that provides mental health support with an emphasis on self-esteem and self-encouragement. Bold Visions offers those who require mental health support the tools needed to cope in an ever-changing society. Clients learn how to create balance in everyday life and internal struggles while nourishing a healthy perception of self.

Bold Visions serves all demographics including race, gender, age, socioeconomic status and religious backgrounds. This Black-owned mental health, therapy and coaching business is grounded on a moral foundation that upholds ethical standards always. It is their goal to support the community and

Topics of Focus:

  • Peer Pressure/Bullying
  • Self-esteem/Self-empowerment
  • Effective Communication
  • Conflict
  • Grief: divorce, death, job, relationships, health
  • Relationships
  • Abuse
  • Adjusting
  • Self-Harm
  • Mental Health-Brief general discussion: depression, addiction, anxiety

About the Owner:

In 2015, Terri Bolds, a licensed therapist, founded her business Bold Visions Consulting to focus on esteem and empowerment, as if she were addressing her younger self. With Bold Visions, Terri has been able to conduct and facilitate workshops, speak and educate on mental health in schools and churches with youth participants, and has been featured in printed publications.

In partnership with Cincinnati Public Schools, businesses and churches, Terri Bold is helping implement the importance of mental wellness and practices of anti-bullying, not only by teaching and literature but also using visuals, interactive activities and experiences.

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For more information



Phone: 513-299-8177

Twitter / Instagram: @visionsbold

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