Chic Life

6428 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati OH 45213

Live Life. Love God. Live Chic.

Chic Life is a Black-owned apparel company that is owned by Enjoli Gibbs. Their goal is to make Chic Life not just a brand, but a lifestyle.

Chic Life promotes wearing your beauty from the inside out through motivational apparel.  The mission is to encourage and inspire every woman to be their best selves, no matter where you are in life, while keepin’ it cute! As well as to promote a lifestyle of self-care, positive self-image, and wholeness.

Currently, they have a variety of tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies. They have signature designs and designs that promote “black girl magic” such as our “Black Girl Chic” and our Afrocentric “Queen” designs.

They are currently in the process of expanding Chic Life into cosmetics, in hopes to be an all-around “beauty brand”. The launch date for the lip line will be soon. It’s an exciting venture they are jumping into.

Chic Life is working to be a staple name in the realm of self-care and wholeness. The goal is to host a series of self-care workshops to promote inner and outer beauty all across the Globe and create an empire to build wealth for our communities for generations to come. Currently, owner, Enjoli Gibbs, works as a spiritual advisor on the website with her series of Chic Life TV videos. 

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Phone: 513-485-2947

Twitter / Instagram: @getchiclife