Me By Lee

56 Hunters Court
Amelia OH 45102

Small Batch Clothing Boutique For Women

Cincinnati Black-owned women’s clothing company helps women set their own trends with one of a kind designs.


Clothing is supposed to be a form of self-expression, but when everyone shops at the mall, clothes tend to become variations of the same thing. The owner of Me BY Lee started sewing for herself, friends and family, making sure that each piece was as unique as the person she was creating the item for… this led her Me BY Lee online boutique!

Shop Me BY Lee to stand out from the crowd. Small-batch and one-of-a-kind designs for women of all sizes who want to set their OWN trends are created here. Shop it’s Everyday Collection of small batch designs or for the ULTRA Fashionista- shop their Me BY Lee Originals collection of one-of-a-kind designs.

This Cincinnati Black-owned business uses rich Ankara (African) prints, cotton, and blends that allow you to rock your own personal runway. They offer a boutique experience with a variety of sizes, for women with all types of curves. Many of their sizes feature flex sizing and can be worn multiple ways. So as your body changes, your style, and wardrobe don’t have to.

New items are released every 30-60 days along with originals through the seasons, keeping shoppers on their toes.

Many of Me BY Lee Boutique pieces have been featured on film and stage productions in the tristate area. Their online store has a lookbook that gives you ideas on how to style your new MBL with your existing wardrobe so no matter which MBL collection you choose, your Me By Lee is still ALL YOU.

No more having the same outfit at a party, but get used to everyone asking you where you get your clothes.

Shop their online boutique 24/7@ Me BY Lee or via social media at Me_BY_Lee. We can’t wait to elevate your style!

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For more information

Web: http://www.MeByLee.Com


Phone: 513-446-9458

Twitter / Instagram: @Me_By_Lee