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Capturing moments you never knew existed!

This Cincinnati Professional Photography company will give your business a competitive edge.


VerticalPics LLC is a Cincinnati Professional Photography company that offers virtual and aerial photography. VerticalPics gives realtors, construction managers, and many more clients the feeling of being at the location they wish to see without actually being there.

The staff at VerticalPics knows that sometimes it’s easier and it’s always more detailed to utilize virtual reality to view a location versus using an average still photo. With their aerial picture services, a property owner, realtor, estimator, or project manager can truly add value to a project by having a 4K detailed visual of the property or venue in the palm of their hand. In addition, these services can give clients the ability to create floor plans, estimate room sizes, and even submit property MLS to various realtor sites.

Along with realtors and construction managers, their extensive client portfolio also includes wedding planners and event specialists. Why set up and arrange an outstanding catered arrangement, and have only a portion of its elegance captured by a still photo? They want to give that Bride or event planner a feel of what it will look like if they set the room up for entertainment purposes. 

From high in the sky to get a shot of your neighborhood (pending the location and weather), to simply having a high definition video or picture taken from higher than a tripod’s height, VerticalPics will work hard to capture the moment. Sometimes it’s the small detail, or in their case, the true definition of the location, that can truly make the difference for those who would like to save time and avoid leaving their home or boardroom.

All of these are just a short description of what VerticalPics services can provide for your business needs. Take a leap and use the services of VerticalPics to get more attention than your competitor!

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