Trinity Realty Solutions, LLC

P.O. Box 31086
Cincinnati OH 45231

Uniting Hearts and Homes One Door At A Time

Cincinnati Black-owned realty companies can be hard to find. Well not anymore.


Black-owned realty company Trinity Realty Solutions and Trinity Investment Solutions is a real estate investment group designed to work with buyers and sellers of real estate at any income level for any reason. They buy houses for cash from highly motivated sellers no matter the value of the property. They are a group of licensed real estate professionals who represent owners of “pretty” houses and “ugly” houses.

The Trinity Group was established in January 2016. The goal was to be a resource for any property owner that had an issue with real estate. The Trinity Group continues to be a resource for all property owners. Trinity has worked with sellers of properties from $27K-$1M homes. Trinity buys houses for cash and uses creative financing strategies to meet the needs of highly motivated homeowners.

In addition, the Trinity Group wholesales properties, owns rental properties throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, buys and rehabs properties throughout the Queen City and is partnered with Coldwell Banker West Shell as a broker.

Since its inception, Trinity Investment Solutions, LLC (a.k.a. the Trinity Group) has helped dozens of individuals transition to their dream home, unload a problem property, buy their very first home, and place people in fabulous rental properties.

Helping people with their real estate problems, goals, desires and such has become come more than a career choice, it has grown into a ministry of help. Trinity has helped people who have been financial and emotionally distressed, along with people who are ambitious and eager to meet the goal of home ownership.

Call them for more information on how we can help me the needs of you or a family or friend. They will hold your information in strict confidence no matter the situation. You can reach them at 513-657-8696 for more information. Information available for you today.

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