22 Hyde Park Drive
Hamilton OH 45013

African Inspired Apparel and Bags made in Africa

Colourfro is a Cincinnati black-owned clothing company founded by two Africans who migrated from Ghana (West Africa) to the USA. They found it both a fulfilling joy and duty to put on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, words and designs that represent Africa and show their love and pride in their origin.

In time, Colourfro added unique handmade accessories from Ghana/Africa, such as backpacks, purses, hats, and ladies’ stretch pants for people to be able to purchase. In the future, they plan to expand further to include a kid’s line and even more items.

Colourfro was founded by Augustine Osei with Issac Owusu as co-founder. The business is located in Hamilton, where the production of their best selling apparel takes place.

When asked why the name Colourfro, the founders had a wonderful reason behind it! The name is actually the fusion of two words ‘Colour’ and ‘Afro’. The reason for the fusion of these two words came about a playful way of pronouncing the word colourful. Since most of the African fabrics like the Kente and Dashiki are very colorful fabrics, Colourfro wanted a name that represents this but chose afro as the last sounding part to represents the iconic AFRO era in black American history.

For everyone looking for something cool and cultural to wear for an outdoor occasion or just for being comfy at home, you can check out their t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, and more items online. Also, follow their social handle @colourfro on Instagram and Facebook to follow them around town as vendors at different events!

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Phone: 513-377-3113

Twitter / Instagram: @colourfro