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Davis Cookie Collection

4926 Reading Road
Cincinnati OH 45237

Homemade Gourmet Cookies and Desserts that Warms Every Heart!

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Davis Cookie Collection is a Black-owned bakery that specializes in delicious gourmet cookies, brownies, and various desserts. Owned and operated by Christina and Miles Davis, the bakery has come a long way since their start in 2016.


Davis Cookie Collection currently sells its products in the bakery department at Conscious Kitchen and though their online store. They are excited to announce their first storefront, opening Saturday, October 10th at 2pm at 4926 Reading Road in the Bond Hill Business District!


Davis Cookie Collection graduated from the Mortar Entrepreneurship program in 2016, where owners Christina and Miles gained extensive knowledge on how to create a successful business. Since then, the Davis Cookie Collection has partnered with numerous local businesses, such as the Cincinnati Zoo, French Fry Heaven, Sweets and Meats BBQ, Just Q’in BBQ, and many more.


Davis Cookie Collection currently operates inside of Findlay Kitchen, a commercial kitchen space in downtown Cincinnati, and they are looking forward to the grand opening of their storefront.



About the Owner:
Christina Davis had always been inspired to create a cookie business, and she learned how to make delicious desserts at an early age. Christina was inspired to become an entrepreneur, and she always knew that someday she would have the chance to achieve her dream.


Christina attended graduate school at the University of Cincinnati in 2013 and utilized baking as an outlet during stressful moments of school. Christina would bring samples of her cookies to class and to her workplace, and everyone raved about how delicious they were. A fellow employee at her workplace offered to pay her $15 for a dozen of Chocolate Chip cookies. In that moment, Christina realized that she had a product that consumers would purchase. The same day, she presented the idea of starting a cookie business to her husband, and their business was born the very next day.


After some hard work and dedication, CEO Christina Davis and COO Miles Davis launched the Davis Cookie Collection in 2013. Shortly after, Christina graduated from graduate school and obtained a corporate job as a Licensed Social Worker. After a year in the workforce, Christina resigned and made cookies her full-time career.


Check out the offerings of the Davis Cookie Collection online and at many stores in the Cincinnati area, and keep an eye out for their storefront   in Bond Hill.



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Phone: 513-313-3663

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