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Encouraging people to dream big.

Established in 2007, Dream Builders University Cincinnati was founded by LaMarque Ward and other dedicated individuals driven to make a change. This organization was created on the foundational purpose of allowing people to seek their fullest potential and encouraging them to DREAM BIG.

Using assemblies, programs and interventions, Dream Builders University is committed to facilitating the growth of students, teachers and professionals in the local Cincinnati area. Dream Builders University Cincinnati, helps to educate people with relevant life-changing information, challenge old ideas and inspire people in organizations and schools to deliver their highest potential to humanity. Dream Builders University Cincinnati, help students turn the possibility of graduation into a driving force to justify the pain of the change process.

Through their Dream Building 101© intervention, students receive their own student life coach who is called a Dream Builder. The students receive personal coaching to help them not only justify the change process, but also to reverse navigate their social sphere to conquer peer pressure and poor choices. This results in students progressively taking ownership of their habits, disciplines, and their own achievement. Teaching and leading become easier when students are motivated and hungry for their own progress.

Dream Builders University Cincinnati, believes that in order to grow school leaders we must grow the human who is behind the title. Research proves that personal development and professional development must work congruently in the school leader development process. As a part of the Critical Classroom Connection model they empower, inspire, and equip school leaders to deliver the best version of themselves to humanity not just their school community. Dream Builders University Cincinnati, helps teachers make the transition from teacher to Chief INFLUENCER and teacher with students. The four-stage system supports the growth process for teachers with exposure to great cultural insight, leadership development, social-emotional learning and continuous coaching throughout the year.

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