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Eliqua LLC

PO Box 15452
Cincinnati OH 45215

Detox-infused Water: Life’s Natural Elixir

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Eliqua LLC is a Black woman-owned online detox-infused water retailer where each detox-infused water is specifically formulated to target certain areas of the body.

Through the use of extensive research and personal knowledge from Owner and Founder Tailor-Marie Smith, Eliqua LLC identified the individual properties of each ingredient and created a strengthened combination to provide the best results for each water flavor. Every ingredient that is used contains several health benefits individually, but combined with other ingredients with similar benefits, Eliqua’s waters are able to provide the full effect.

Eliqua LLC currently offers seven unique flavor combinations that each help with different things. For example, their Tummy Ache water flavor helps with stomach and gastrointestinal issues. While their Brain Power flavor contains ingredients that help support the function and activity of one’s brain.

Eliqua LLC is not just a local company that creates healthy and eco-friendly products, but also a 100% sustainable company. To ensure that they are constantly providing the healthiest and freshest products to their customers, this detox water company cleans all of their products with an organic, vegan, gluten-free, and locally produced fruit and veggie wash. All of the bottles and caps used are PET made, BPA free, 100% recyclable, and sourced from a local supplier in Ohio.

Eliqua LLC tries to support other local small businesses. They only use organic, locally sourced ingredients in their waters. Not only do they support their local farmers, but also other local small businesses by purchasing other ingredients from local markets. Eliqua LLC strives to make their detox-infused waters stand out in taste and even more so in ethics and sustainability.

Eliqua LLC operates with two goals in mind:

1. Break down the stigma of water being tasteless or unimportant for one’s body and

2. Stress the importance of why people need water to live a healthy life.


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Phone: (513) 680-1379

Twitter / Instagram: @eliquallc

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