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Favor Your Child Educational Services

5748 St. Elmo Avenue
Cincinnati OH 45224

Engage, Encourage, and Empower young minds to be producers of their own destiny!

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Favor Your Child Educational Services is a Black, women-owned literacy program that is providing education support services to family households that have children in grades (K-5) who are struggling learners in reading or math. The learners that Favor Your Child is targeting are those students who are at risk learners for failing in reading or math, those that need to pass the (3rd) grade Reading Guarantee Standardized testing, and those students that are already identified with IEPs, ISPs or Accommodation Plans.  

Services are considered traveling support services because they are provided throughout the Cincinnati area and they try to bring the support your child needs to a home, library or community center near you.  

Favor Your Child Educational Services begin with grade placement testing, learning style inventory, and an interest survey. The next component of their services includes a discussion of the results of the tests and what those results mean. The last two components of their service include an action plan for the child and progress monitoring of the goals decided upon for the child to work on.

Academic areas that support is provided in:

  • phonics
  • oral reading fluency
  • reading comprehension
  • vocabulary word meaning
  • spelling
  • writing mechanics
  • foundational math fluency
  • problem-solving math

Students can also receive support with study and test-taking skill strategies. Lastly, if there are young students that need support with attention, focus, and concentration as they relate to time-on-task skills, they offer support strategies for those learners as well.

All Favor Your Child Educational Services’ education support services are presented to students in a one-to-one learner setting or a small group setting of no more than four students at a single session. Their approach to teaching and learning is multi-sensory, differentiated and direct instructional.

The goal of Favor Your Child Educational Services is to Encourage, Engage, Enhance, and Empower young learners to be thinkers and doers of their own destinies!

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Phone: 513-399-9069

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