Cincinnati OH 45202

All natural feminine health & beauty products.

HERSPOT LLC is a Black-owned all-natural feminine health and beauty business. LaQuedia Moore is the owner and holds certifications as a Holistic Life Coach and Vaginal Steam Facilitator.

This company provides feminine washes, whipped shea moistures, yoni herbs, sage, and more. Their products can be found and purchased online on their website. Items can also be found at vending events around the city. Be sure to check their websites for listings.

HERSPOT LLC is excited to be serving the community! They have only been established for a short period of time but everything is aligning for them to be around for the long run. They are always having a sale on products for your everyday feminine and beauty needs. Their products are of great value, quality, and are very affordable.

HERSPOT LLC. would like to see Black women living longer fulfilling lives and ask that you allow them to be a part of your health and beauty regiment. They create and provide products for your mind, body, and soul and look forward to meeting the needs of so many of you in our communities.

The owner LaQuedia Moore is very passionate about women’s health. She understands that women are the first teacher to their children and are pillars for their communities. HERSPOT LLC defines a mystic spiral that begins with you and unwinds back to you. Where you might go, what you might see, and what you might experience is infinite.

HERSPOT LLC has a solid foundation for keeping health and the Black Women in mind. They are honored to have the platform to spread knowledge on the wellbeing of their most valuable being the Black Women. They are open to feedback on their website. Be sure to check them out.

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For more information

Web: http://www.herspotyoni.com

Email: herspot369@gmail.com

Phone: 513-365-3899