375 Naylor Court (not a storefront)
Cincinnati OH 45246

Unique Handcrafted Jewelry and Art

IMGBAT is a Black-owned fine art and jewelry business whose products are available at public events and online. Owner, Brian Taylor, is an African American jeweler and artist who also creates paintings, sculptures, resin art, and is a print and digital graphic designer.

Examples of jewelry types created include necklaces, pendants, cabochons, brooches, rings, earrings, bracelets. Most paintings are abstract works. Originals, as well as high-quality, enlarged canvas prints, are available. Taylor has decades of graphic experience. He can design most things printed, etched or displayed digitally.

IMGBAT uses sterling silver, fine silver, Argentium, copper, gold and even aluminum to create intricate wire-weaved jewelry as well as more recognized heat-casted items. All designs are original and most are one-of-a-kind.

Precious and semi-precious stones from jasper to malachite are used in making beautiful pieces of wearable art. Gems and crystals from amethyst to tourmaline are dressed with the finest metals to realize dreams. Custom orders are welcome and desired stones and gems can be procured.

Brian also deploys the use of resin to create unique crystals and gems. This includes the technique of capturing organic elements of nature like plants, preserving them and incorporating them into jewelry pieces. Fashioning his own gemstones and crystals allows him to provide different price tiers for his jewelry with the same craftsmanship and level of quality.

Where possible IMGBAT seeks to minimize its footprint. From no-ink heat printing to recycling packing materials (you can request NEW bubble wrap) and reusing fine metals from discarded items where possible (gold, silver and copper) Taylor realizes that his efforts are tiny on a global scale. But every bit counts.

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Phone: (513) 371-0745

Twitter / Instagram: @imgbat