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Jamal Maxsam Consulting L.L.C.

621 S. Erie Blvd, Hamilton OH 45011
Hamilton OH 45011

Lead Your Business Like A Champion

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Jamal Maxsam L.L.C. is a Black-owned consulting business that partners with organizations in the development of its leaders, teams, and processes. They combine business savvy and educational strategies to implement a balanced approach. Unlike other consulting and training companies that only look at one area and try to fit your needs into a one size fits all curriculum or program, Jamal Maxsam L.L.C. analyzes your vision, determines your needs, and creates a solution that will allow you to meet your goals.

Jamal Maxsam L.L.C. offers the following services to support your business:

Dream Team Incubator:
You want to invest in growing your team, but you feel like you can’t grow them and the business at the same time. It’s like choosing one will cause the other to suffer! It is possible! You can grow your business and your team at the same time! With the Dream Team Incubator, you can do it in just 5 weeks!

Imagine having the support that you desperately need that will give you the freedom to focus on the aspects of your business that only you can handle so you can provide greater service to your customers

Intentional Influence Masterclass:
Do you feel like you are trapped in someone else’s idea of how you should be as a leader? You feel like all your time is spent trying to win your team over and not on actually growing your business. In just 10 weeks you can discover your authentic style of leading, sharpen your skills of influence and position yourself to lead your dream team and your business to the next level of impact and profits!

Imagine, leading at a higher level, connecting with your team in an authentic way, and being free from the pressure of trying to be something or someone that you are not. You will be able to spend time leading, growing your business and serving your customers

Leadership Success Blueprint:
Do you feel like a hamster on the hamster wheel, busy with activity without the productivity?Are you trapped in a cycle of reacting?In just 8 weeks you will develop and implement business procedures that will add more structure, increase the efficiency of your operation, and focus on making more money!

Imagine running your business without feeling overwhelmed, feeling the joy and excitement that you felt when you first started. You will put procedures in place that will cause your business to run smoother so you can reclaim your time, focus on growing the business and have a life outside of your business.

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Phone: 513-986-5352

Twitter / Instagram: @jamalmaxsam

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