JBM Elite

2739 W. McMicken
Cincinnati OH 45225

A personal training studio where the trainers guarantee to help you see results.

JBM Elite is a family-oriented and black-owned personal training studio located in the heart of Cincinnati at 2739 W McMicken Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45225. JBM has been physically developing bodies for years. This black-owned personal training studio takes pride in their “results guarantee” motto and it keeps their clients coming back!


JBM trains those who have personal fitness goals and those who want to compete in NPC competitions, marathons, and power lifting. As a result, clients at JBM have made a name for themselves all over the country winning competitions in various athletic competitions. Furthermore, JBM is the studio for families, so children are welcome!


Get that beach body that you have always wanted. Book your session at www.jbmelite.com or email Matthew Scott at m.scott@jbmelite.com to set up your free consultation with one of four personal trainers!


About JBM Elite

JBM Elite is not your average local gym. Their black-owned training studio is only used by JBM trainees. This ensures that you will get the maximum training effect by working out with appropriate work and rest times, instead of waiting 5-10 minutes for someone to stop using the equipment you need. They see their clients as part of the JBM Family. Also, they recognize that no two people are the same.  Your body and goals are different than the body and goals of another. 


Most of all, JBM Elite has the experience of a corporate gym, but the attention of a small town gym.  This means that they will not assign you a one-size-fits-all program.  Instead, JBM will work with you on a one-on-one basis. In addition, they will consider many factors, including your goals, body-type, job schedule, and eating habits to customize a finely-tailored program designed to give you the body and health you want. 


Reach your goal together with JBM Elite!

For more information

Web: http://www.jbmelite.com

Email: m.scott@jbmelite.com

Phone: (313) 623-1851

Twitter / Instagram: @jbmelite