Legacy Genius (Cultural Trivia Game Co.)

7753 Cox Rd, Suite #3
Liberty Township OH 45069

Games designed to educate and inspire.

Legacy Genius is a Black-owned educational games company dedicated to inspirational, uplifting, and culturally-informed trivia games. These games are all developed by a university professor who wanted to create a gaming universe where distinctive cultural legacies could be celebrated. Legacy Genius Black History Trivia Showdown and its recently released companion “The Trailblazer Edition” are the first in a series of energizing trivia games.

With many exciting categories like “Celebrity Real Names” and “Magnates, Moguls, and Multimillionaires” this fun, fast-paced, addictive “race to 10 points” quiz game will keep you on your toes! Challenge your friends, co-workers, and even random players, and see if you can earn membership into “The Braintrust” (automatically earned after answering 90% or more of the questions correctly). If not, study until you do.

The Trailblazers Edition has just been released. It is distinct from the original release because it exclusively focuses on people who have blazed a path in science, business, politics, arts, civil rights, literature, sports, entertainment, etc.

Black History is not just relegated to the 28 days of February. Black History is a part of the American legacy and needs to be taught, shared, and celebrated 365 days per year! So, what are you waiting for? Buy packs of these trivia cards for yourself, friends, and family… and spread the word!

Legacy Genius games are awesome…even when you lose you win! Never before has cultural trivia been so exhilarating and fun! If you dare to accept the challenge, invite your friends to do the same, and let the fun begin! Visit  Legacy Genius and order your copies today.

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