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Licia Thompson Coaching & Consulting,LLC

Greater Cincinnati area
Virtually internationally
Cincinnati OH 45040

"Cultivate, Clarify & Conquer with Licia"

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Licia Thompson Coaching & Consulting, LLC is an international Black-owned organization founded in 2019, based in the greater Cincinnati area. The company, owned by Licia Thompson, offers two distinctive business services: coaching and consulting.


As a Certified Transformation Clarity & Confidence Leadership Coach, Licia partners with men and women leaders to guide them on how to go from uncertainty and insecurity to determined and empowered when transitioning from one phase of life or career to another. Licia is passionate about the work she does because she believes people can achieve goals by aligning their values with vision and purpose while becoming aware of their limiting beliefs. She serves men and women who are Millennials or Baby Boomers.

Two Services are offered:

1:1 Services

  • Three-month packages for 30 or 60 minute bi-weekly sessions
  • 90 minute one-time Intensive 1:1 session
    Both packages include an Energy Leadership Index Assessment

Small group sessions on topics such as, but not inclusive to:

  •  Circle of Awareness
  • Aligning Values with Vision
  • Empowerment
  • Freedom from Self-Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs
  • Core Influencers


Licia is also a Leave & Disability Workers’ Compensation Return to Work Consultant. She utilizes skills acquired in her former career as the Director of Managed Care & Return to Work for Macy’s Corporate and her experience as a Sr. Accommodation Consultant with Amazon. Licia partners with HR senior leaders within organizations to create strategies to streamline existing or build a new return to work programs while honoring guidelines established by the Americans with Disabilities Act, EEOC, FMLA and other state laws.

Processes and state laws can be complicated for many employees who were injured or became ill during the course and scope of their employment. For employers, an unbiased opinion can be very helpful to create an environment where communication, processes and technology work together seamlessly. Licia offers two decades of strategic insight, having built Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s return to work programs. Drawing from her career success, Licia can partner with you to streamline processes, return employees with accommodations in a timely manner, enhance employee experiences, and increase R.O.I.

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For more information



Phone: (513) 445-8363

Twitter / Instagram: @LiciaThompson_Coach_Consultant

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