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Moncor Consulting LLC

2639 Erie Avenue 8391
Cincinnati OH 45208

An Engagement, Advocacy & Inclusion Conduit

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Moncor Consulting LLC is a Black-owned consulting firm in Cincinnati that specializes in solving problems related to organizational culture through cultural assessments.

Diversity, Inclusion and Awareness Training:
Moncor Consulting LLC’s team will creatively explore and reconcile your needs for Climate Cultural assessment, Implicit Bias awareness, Effective Inter and Personal Communication skills. They also work on building Advocacy awareness for communities, parents and vulnerable populations with the goal of increased engagement. their training accommodates corporations, non-profits, community groups, schools and individuals of all ages, demographics and sizes.

Organization Awareness and Assessment:
Would you like to find out exactly about the culture of your environment from first hand qualitative and quantitative data? Moncor Consulting LLC conducts innovative assessments that are inclusive of every voice and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of our findings with key themes and action items. Their creative and innovative techniques provide you with tangible data to make a difference immediately.

Conflict Resolution Training:
Our young people need to build effective communication skills and de-escalation skills that can be used not only in schools but in everyday situations. Moncor Consulting LLC customizes conflict resolution training specifically for your environment to include effective communication skills, trauma-informed implicit bias awareness, and role-playing to build useful transferable skills in our participants. Their training can also be used in workplaces, youth groups, community organizations and more.

Due to the COVID-19 virus and social distancing requirements, Moncor Consulting LLC is modifying their training to include training videos and video training for participants.

Anonymous Environment Assessment:
Policies and procedures are only as effective as they are being enforced. Would you like to ensure that your staff or building administration is continuing the hard work that your mission drives?  Moncor Consulting LLC conducts anonymous analyses of the environment and will provide you with an in-depth objective assessment of their findings based on standards that you establish. Their creative approach maintains the integrity of your environment while providing and objective and valuable analysis.

Do you have a unique need regarding a cultural assessment or organizational climate that you would like to be reviewed? Give Moncor Consulting LLC a call to create a unique plan designed to achieve goals as unique as your environment.

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Phone: (513) 800-0619

Twitter / Instagram: @iamdrkareema

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