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New Direction Coaching & Consulting, LLC

P. O. Box 24101
Cincinnati OH 45224

A Better You.

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New Direction Coaching and Consulting, LLC, owned by Zaria Davis, is a Black-owned consulting firm that will work with you to identify your current needs to determine your next path. Online coaching is available to help and empower you to set, accomplish and exceed personal and professional goals.

The company works with ex-offenders who have been impacted by mass incarceration. Along the journey, New Direction Coaching and Consulting, LLC will address personal and professional barriers and help to develop a plan.

Executive Leadership Coaching
New Direction Coaching and Consulting, LLC assists non-profit organizations that seek guidance with strengthening communication skills and uncovering areas that may need improvement. Also, they work to clarify and define your vision, teaches how to lead effectively, and to balance all the aspects of your life.

With years of experience with various nonprofits,   Dr. Davis helps address specific needs such as: growing your organization, strategic planning, staff development, effective communication and organizational management. Success is accomplished through customized programs.

Speaking and Facilitating
Dr. Davis is available for keynotes, presentations and workshops. Furthermore, she is a Love and Logic Facilitator. Therefore, she also facilitates parent engagement workshops.

About Dr. Zaria Davis
Dr. Zaria Davis is a transitional coach who helps individuals through life transitions such as career or personal shifts. Previously, she worked as a Parent Coach, Life Coach, and Parent Facilitator for various groups.

Dr. Davis has a doctorate in social work and serves as Executive Director of a non-profit organization. Prior to her current role, she was an Adjunct Professor in the Social Work Department at Wilberforce University. Finally, she is a member of the International Coach Federation and ICF Ohio Valley.

Visit  New Direction Coaching and Consulting, LLC for more information.  

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For more information



Phone: (513) 620-5709

Twitter / Instagram: @Dr_Zaria

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