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OTR Escape

1112 Race Street
Cincinnati OH 45202

Live mind game where you solve clues in a themed room to "escape".

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OTR Escape is a Black-owned escape room located in the downtown entertainment district of Over the Rhine. Escape games are live adventure mind games where you solve clues and codes in a themed room to “escape” within 60 minutes.

OTR Escape has four themed rooms to choose from Bank Robbery, The Looper, Game Night, and Backstage Pass. Escape games are a great way to exercise your mind while having fun. All of their bookings are private so you will only play with people from your group. Escape games are great for team building/outings and they can accommodate groups of up to 32 people. They have hosted events for most of the Fortune 500 companies in Cincinnati.

Bank Robbery room:
Down on your luck and drinking your problems away at the local bar, you meet the mysterious Jake. While bonding over drinks, you tell Jake about your money problems and he offers a solution…help him rob the OTR Bank & Savings which is holding one of the world’s largest diamonds in their vault. He explains how he is a very successful bank robber and could do it himself so he’s more so doing you a favor. Desperate and feeling like you have no other options, you accept the job offer. The big day and your shot at a new life have now come. Will you find the diamond and escape the bank vault in 60 minutes or less? Or will your new life be in a jail cell?

The Looper room:
You are a detective investigating a tip you received about the serial killer Oblivion. Police nicknamed him Oblivion because all of his victims have been found as skeletons despite only being missing for one day. When you enter the house you soon realize you have been led into a trap and you are now locked inside of Oblivion’s Time Room. Oblivion is a mad clock-maker who has figured out how to alter time. Anyone he traps in his chamber will age 15 years every 15 minutes. You now have 60 minutes to escape his Time Room before the time of your life ticks away.

Backstage Pass room:
You just had the time of your life at the concert of your favorite artist in the world, Destiny. Now the moment you have been waiting all night for has finally arrived, your meet and greet with Destiny. VIP Backstage Pass in hand, you are escorted to Destiny’s backstage lounge by her security guard. Super excited, you walk into her lounge to meet her… However, Destiny is a huge fan of escape games and has set-up an escape game in her dressing room. Escape her dressing room within 60 minutes and meet your favorite artist, or get escorted out of the building by her security guard once the time is up.

Your longtime friend (and rival), Jack, has invited you over for a game night. Thinking you have come for a game of Connect 4 and Clue, Jack brags about how he has created the ultimate game night escape game in his house that no one can escape from. After hearing Jack gloat about his game one too many times throughout the night, your competitiveness with your longtime rival kicks in! You bet Jack that you can beat his room in 60 minutes or less and you are willing to put up your car if he is willing to put up his luxury car. Jack quickly accepts. And now you are left with only two fates, win or else.

Link to OTR Escape’s Google Business Profile

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Phone: (513) 857-1533

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