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Paradise Gym and Fitness Center

6019 Vine Street
Cincinnati OH 45216

We Build Better Bodies Through Personal Training, Body Building, Cardio, Body Shaping

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Paradise Fitness Center is a Black-owned gym and workout facility located at Elmwood Place in Cincinnati, Ohio that has been providing quality fitness services for more than twenty years.

Services provided include:

  • bodybuilding
  • body-shaping
  • personal training
  • cardio/aerobics
  • nutrition information and supplements (fat burners, protein and cardio beverages)
  • powerlifting
  • a pro shop that sells workout tools

Paradise provides an at-home environment with a friendly professional staff that is willing to share and give you fitness information to help you reach your personal fitness goals. Paradise Fitness Center is the workout facility for beginner individuals that have never worked out, for those individuals that have intermediate experience working out and lastly, it is definitely the place for professionals who are at the competition level.

Paradise Fitness Center offers cardio machines like treadmills, elliptical cycles, bikes, power riders and a step machine for the person that wants to be fit without the use of power machines. And, for the person that wants to weight gain, build more mass, become stronger, or compete professionally, paradise offers no-frills routines and regimens that involve a commitment and hard work to get you in good shape with less excess body fat, leaner muscle mass, and longer cardio endurance.

A new study published by the American Heart Association says that African Americans are more likely to have high blood pressure than any other racial group in the United States. Statistically, nearly (45 percent of black men and 46 percent of black women) have high blood pressure. These statistics are real…exercise can minimize this horrible health factor in our community.

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For more information


Phone: 513-479-0040

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