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Prevention Strategies Human Resource Management

Cincinnati OH

Diversity and inclusion consulting, investigations, assessments, sexual harassment training and personal coaching

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Prevention Strategies is a Black-owned human resources management firm that provides investigations, assessments, sexual harassment training, diversity and inclusion consulting, and personal coaching. This Cincinnati-based HR management firm creates customized strategies to prevent the issues that get in the way of a fully productive environment.


Independent Investigation: Prevention Strategies conducts independent fact-finding investigations into internal complaints of harassment, discrimination, and other related issues. The outcome is a strong investigation report supported by legal knowledge and objectivity.

Cultural Assessment: A key step in maintaining an inclusive work environment is assessing current perceptions of the efficacy of diversity and inclusion policies and practices. Prevention Strategies’ customized surveys are designed to surface root causes to resolve current and potential concerns.

Diversity and Inclusion Consultation: Prevention Strategies is available to provide consultation and strategic planning in diversity and inclusion.


One-on-One Protocol Coaching: Company-sponsored coaching for individuals who need assistance in developing an action plan to better align their behaviors with the organization’s policies and culture.

Executive Coaching: Company-sponsored coaching designed to guide clients through a transformation in their work and work relationships using Prevention Strategies LLC’s 3A Coaching Strategy™ – Assessment, Action, and Accountability.

Executive2 Coaching: For two individuals in a working relationship with a commitment to jumpstart the onboarding process, solidify a current relationship, or accelerate their connection allowing for an increase in the flow of creativity and productivity.

Personal Evolution Coaching: Coaching designed to guide individual clients through a personal and professional transformation using Prevention Strategies LLC’s 3A Coaching Strategy™ – Assessment, Action, and Accountability.


Tools for Sexual Harassment Prevention: This interactive training provides the tools an organization needs to be compliant with sexual harassment laws. It not only educates participants, but also empowers them to be accountable members of the shared work environment. Participants will:

  • Understand sexual harassment laws
  • Understand individual and organizational rights and responsibilities
  • Learn how to limit liability through awareness, prevention, and accountability

The Law and Your Workplace- The Case for Diversity & Inclusion: This training explores the often-confusing harassment and discrimination laws to provide organizations with useful tools for creating and maintaining an environment where your workplace culture and legal compliance find common ground. Participants will:

  • Understand workplace harassment and discrimination under Title VII (and other relevant laws)
  • Understand their rights and responsibilities for creating and maintaining a productive workplace
  • Learn and practice tools for leveraging diversity and inclusion


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