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Let Pure Be the CEO of Your Skin

Pure Beauty Skin Bar is perfect for your natural glow.


Nearly a decade of beauty and business prowess power the force behind the Pure Beauty brand. From management leadership roles in the beauty industry education field to hands-on work in the treatment room, Sylvia Brownlee is a passionate professional whose footprint is growing by leaps and bounds.

Currently, the founder of Pure Beauty Bar, an intimate, luxe, yet accessible salon enclave in Silverton, Cincinnati, Sylvia is about to offer skin changing esthetic services to her loyal clientele who are already in love with her first-born business, luxury hair extensions and their distribution via her company, Hair Addict. Sylvia is inspired to make beauty not only a top priority for women but a priority that doesn’t feel like a compromise.

“Beauty and fashion is something I’ve always been passionate about. I want to help others recognize how to make their unique assets work for them so that killing the day and staying fierce is automatic, not work.”

The newest addition to the Pure Beauty empire is Pure Beauty Skin Bar. “It wasn’t enough to just pick a manufacturer and wait for a bunch of product to arrive in a box, I decided I wanted to hand every client solutions that I know for a fact will meet their unique skin demands. I have no question my clients will love the solutions we carry for smart aging, acne and everyday maintenance. I can’t quite decide what my current favorite is – it’s probably a tie between KojiBright Serum and our sunscreen, PBS UV Shield30 but since one complements the other so beautifully, you really need both!”

Big things keep arriving at Pure Beauty Bar – tap into your own Pure Beauty by scheduling an appointment for a signature resurfacing treatment or schedule a Girls Night Out to sip bubbles and customize a clay mask to take home.

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