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Cincinnati Event Planning

RilEntertainment Party Planning

1110 Pendleton Avenue
Cincinnati OH 45202

Let us entertain you.

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RilEntertainment is a Black-owned party planning company that specializes in a variety of 30 and older old school parties, concerts and social events. The company was founded by Orlando Chapman Sr. in July 2012. They provide services to diverse audiences and have been entertaining nationwide for over 25 years.

RilEntertainment is currently the largest entertainment influencer of African Americans aged 30-65+ within the greater Cincinnati area. Their partnerships range from 3CDC, HorseShoe/Jack Casinos, P&G, and MLB Players Trust Association, just to name a few.

RilEntertainment’s innovative approach has pushed this company into the top tier for the Old School audience in the Midwest. They have had the honor of hosting The Old School Block Party, an event partnered with The Cincinnati Music Foundation to pay homage to James Brown’s historic King Records in Cincinnati.

RilEntertainment has several signature annual events that socially and economically connect communities and people across the nation. The All White & Wine Affair on Fountain Square attracts a crowd of about 5,000 every July, and Lando’s Old School Happy Hour during The Cincinnati Music Festival has been hosted by Lando for the last 8 years.

RilEntertainment has on edge, in-your-face marketing strategies that have put a bookmark in today’s viral marketing. They have brought their mind’s eye theory to a new breed of customer ideas for start-up businesses challenged with limited funds to promote and brand their products.

About the Owner
RilEntertainments founder Orlando, or “Lando”, as he is called on the Old School scene, has successfully figured out a unique way to connect, engage and entertain the 30 and over the community. Lando’s Old School Happy Hour in Cincinnati, Ohio is The Livest Daytime Party in The Midwest. This event welcomed upward of 700-1000 patrons every Friday from 2010-2015.

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For more information



Phone: (513) 551-9152

Twitter / Instagram: @landochapman

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