The Sweet Place Bakery

2910 Short Vine St.
Cincinnati OH 45219

Fulfilling all of your dessert needs!

The Sweet Place is the new spot for Cincinnati desserts!


The Sweet Place was created by Robert Craig, a 23-year-old recent graduate of The University of Cincinnati. Craig noticed that there was a lack of diversity and good quality Cincinnati desserts shops in and around the Cincinnati area. He was used to having delicious baked goods at the ready since his father had been baking for about ten years. Craig decided he would attempt to solve this problem. He wanted something trendy for the college students in the area that would cater to their late night needs. Craig developed the business plan along with a few friends, and the recipes from his father, he got to work. Two years later they opened The Sweet Place!

The Sweet Place is a wide-variety bakery specializing in satisfying every sweet tooth! Our goal is to bring not only the comfort of hand-made Cincinnati desserts but also to introduce exciting new and trendy treats — and put a smile on as many faces as we can in the process.

Years before our Short Vine location came to fruition, we opened The Sweet Fix bakery in Cleveland. As our first storefront, this bakery continues to thrive, and we finally decided to expand—but where? Once we came to Cincinnati, we promptly noticed there was a serious lack of satisfying sweets in the Clifton area and set out to remedy this issue immediately! And as they say, the rest is history.

With so many options to choose, including traditional sweets like cookies and cupcakes to new, fun goodies like churros, funnel cakes, and rolled ice cream (we’re even working on expanding our vegan and gluten-free menu!), we’re sure to have something even for the person who “doesn’t like sweets.” So come, bring everyone you know, and get your sweet fix at The Sweet Place in Cincinnati!

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