Wayne Sloan Insurance Agency

Cincinnati OH 45215

Insurance to protect the assets of businesses and the assets of the owners.

What differentiates Wayne Sloan from other insurance brokers? The difference is that he sets personal goals and reaches them early. While attending the University of Cincinnati as a business major, Sloan set and achieved a major goal that set him on a positive course. As a result, Wayne Sloan Insurance Agency was born.


For 18 years, he managed and served as a restaurant manager and consultant. His specialty was in food cost, labor controls, sales planning, HR fundamentals, and overall restaurant operations management. Also, he was selected by the Small Business Administration (SBA) SCORE to become a business and insurance advisor to restaurant owners as well as other small to medium size businesses.


To grow his insurance agency, he developed other profitable and sustainable niche markets too. Those niche markets include auto services, professional offices, professional liability, technology, veterinarian and pet care, wholesalers-distributors, machine shops, bonding and insuring construction contractors, homes and multi-apartment units and condos.


His total responsibility to you, as an insurance broker, is to select the right business insurance that will not only protect the assets of your business but the business owner as well. Most noteworthy, his service will allow the business owner to be in a position to bid, and win contracts. His motto is to ensure that his customers leave with their problem resolved. That’s the type of customer service commitment you will receive from him, extraordinary!


If you are in need of insurance or would like to know more information about Wayne Sloan Insurance Agency, you may call 513-831-4544. You may also email him at waynesloania@gmail.com or visit www.businessoffood-insurance.com.

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