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find JOY, live WELL

Cincinnati Black-owned wellness coaching offers healing and structure to your life.


Wheelwork Integrative Wellness (WIW) is a black-owned, Cincinnati-based practice offering wellness coaching, health & healing services, and educational workshops and retreats in support of individuals and families who want to establish and live a lifestyle of wellness that is balanced and brings them joy.


Owner, Kami Lerma, Integrative Health Coach and Physical Therapist, works with clients to create and implement realistic and meaningful lifestyle practices that take into consideration the client’s whole life and makes space for healing, personal and professional growth, and connection to the parts of life that bring them happiness.


WIW offers services that are individualized for each client and utilizes evidenced-based methods of supporting positive change, healing, and self-discovery.


Individual and family wellness coaching services offer a private series of visits that allow for a deep look into the client’s current belief systems, practices, and lifestyle. Through the series, clients are guided through an exploration of the various areas of life and look at how all of the pieces fit together.


This is followed by a process of discovery that allows clients to explore how elements could be added, re-worked, or let go in of in order to improve balance and allow the release of overwhelm, frustration, stagnation, confusion, illness, and other blocks to living a joy-filled life. Clients are supported through the process as they work toward implementing the change into their lives.


Group coaching series allows for all of the exploration offered in individual coaching in a small-group setting which adds the added benefit of community connection and support.


Workshops and retreats explore a myriad of topics including acknowledging and improving energetic health, the implementation of wellness practices into daily life, bringing whole foods and natural products into the home for improved health, creation of a balanced lifestyle, support and creation of family connections, and the process of declaring intentions for your life.


Health and healing services are offered in conjunction with coaching services and include Physical Therapy consultations and Healing Touch – energy healing – sessions.


Kami Lerma, PT, IHC, the founder of WIW, is a mother, wife, and publisher in addition to her role as an integrative health coach and physical therapist. She has over twenty-one years of experience as a physical therapist and has also received training in several holistic healing modalities including energy healing, nutrition, aromatherapy, massage & bodywork, prayer & meditation, and acupressure.


Training from Duke Integrative Medicine as an Integrative Health Coach allows her to merge her knowledge and experience under the umbrella of WIW to support clients who are searching for balance, wellness, and joy in their lives.

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