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Cincinnati Black-Owned Firearms Company

Zeigler Firearms and Defense Systems

1424 Compton Road
Cincinnati OH 45231

Practice Makes Permanent

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Zeigler Firearms and Defense Systems is a Cincinnati Black-owned firearms and self-defense company, specializing in shooting fundamentals, defensive pistol shooting and more. Upon booking, students will experience learning safe gun handling in a fun, interactive environment. The professionalism of their instructors and one-on-one student attention makes them unique.

Zeigler Firearms and Defense Systems is conveniently located in Mount Healthy at 1424 Compton Road,  Cincinnati, Ohio 45231. All firearms instructors are certified, professional and insured. Some things that students learn are safe pistol cleaning and operation, ammunition, and range rules.

Classroom & Range Training

Students can rest assured that they will be taught at their level of comfortability because all training methods and tactics are based on real-world experience. Not only can these experiences be learned in the classroom, but they have been proven around the world.

If it is neither proven nor based on a solid, practical foundation, then Zeigler Firearms and Defense Systems will not teach it. Classroom instruction methods will begin at a beginner level and progress accordingly.   At the range, students have the option of choosing to practice at either a beginner or intermediate level.

Zeigler Firearms and Defense Systems offers a comprehensive CCW course that includes:

  • Thorough training to obtain a concealed carry (CCW) license
  • Certificate of Competency
  • 2×2 Passport photo
  • Ohio Concealed Handgun (CCW) License application
  • Ohio’s Concealed Carry Laws Manual
  • Zeigler Firearms folder

Also, the course includes classroom and range training to learn how to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.

Additional Class Offerings:

  • Defensive Pistol (level 1-3)
  • Skill Builder courses
  • Tactical AR-15 courses
  • Shotgun course

For additional information, follow Zeigler Firearms and Defense Systems  on Facebook.

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For more information



Phone: 513-466-0550

Twitter / Instagram: @zeiglerfirearms

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