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The cicadas are coming! Here’s a list of cicada-free travel destinations relatively close to home.


Where will the cicadas emerge in 2021?

When will cicadas come in 2021?

What places will not have Brood X Cicadas?

What areas will be cicada-free?

The Brood X (also commonly known as the 17-year cicada) is set to begin swarming the midwest. Scientists expect to see them in parts of Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Washington D.C.
Note: Some states in the cicada emergence zone will contain cities that will be cicada-free.


Brood X Cicada map
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Don’t worry, cicadas are completely harmless – they’re just annoyingly loud. If you are old enough to remember the last cicada phenomenon, you will also remember the around-the-clock screeching noise they make. If not, you are in for quite the ride this summer. Most people plan to travel during the Brood X 2021 season to try to avoid them. Whether you decide to drive or fly, consider adding these places to your family’s travel list if you are looking to get away and relax… cicada-free.


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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (4.5-hour drive/44-minute flight)

With such a short flight, you will have plenty of things to do in Pittsburgh to occupy time away from cicadas. If you plan to have your next getaway in Pittsburgh, there is a vast selection of black-owned restaurants and businesses to support during your trip.

St. Louis, Missouri (5-hour drive/57-minute flight)

Home of “Country Grammar” superstar Nelly, visitors can get a taste of real southern hospitality…. literally. From burgers to BBQ, no matter what your taste buds crave, be sure to order soul food from Sweetie Pies or other St. Louis black-owned restaurants. While you’re at it, grab dessert from black-owned bakeries, check out a local black event, rock a new outfit from a St. Louis black-owned retail store.



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Grand Rapids, Michigan (5.5-hour drive/45-minute flight)

Grand Rapids, Michigan has an array of entertainment and dining options for tourists. Catch a bite to eat at popular Grand Rapids black-owned restaurants, lounge at GR NOIR, the first black-owned wine, and jazz bar, get an outfit with accessories at a black-owned retail store, spend time at a host of other Grand Rapids black-owned businesses , or find black events and other things to do in Grand Rapids.


Alabama (6-hour drive/1 hour, 24 minutes flight)

Known for its southern hospitality and sweet tea, Alabama is a great choice of travel destinations whether it’s for a short trip or extended stay. Add this list of Alabama things to do, Alabama black-owned restaurants, and black-owned businesses to support during your next visit.


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Charleston, South Carolina (9-hour drive/1.5-hour flight)

Beautiful sandy beaches and cobblestone streets await. It does not matter if you are traveling solo or with family, you are bound to have a relaxing stay. Find a Charleston black event, satisfy your hunger at a Charleston, South Carolina black-owned restaurant, grab fresh produce at a black-owned market (EBT friendly), or support other Charleston black-owned businesses.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (10-hour drive/1 hour, 28 minutes flight)

If you would like to have some fun in sun, or sand between your toes, Myrtle Beach is ideal. Support a local Myrtle Beach black-owned business, eat at a black-owned soul food restaurant enjoy a local black event, and other things to do in Myrtle beach.

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