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Added to the list of Cincinnati Black authors, Marissa Staples reveals herself in new poetry book Love Carousel.


New to the scene of Cincinnati Black Authors, Marissa Staples introduces her book Love Carousel. As her first self-published poetry book, Love Carousel dives into the growing pains of finding love, gaining trust, enjoying a relationship and of course breaking up.


The carousel represents the steady ups and downs of interactions that come with new and old love interests as well finding your self-respect and self- love. Marissa opens and shares her vulnerable tales of being cheated on, body shamed and disrespected in relationships.


“My favorite part about writing this book, was being able to express myself through poetry and relive these experiences. It served as another form of closure and confidence in myself that I wasn’t expecting”. Explains the Eastern Michigan University graduate. With a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, writing has always been her passion.

Leroy (Dad), Christian (Brother), Marissa, Kandi (Mother) Staples.

Composing and printing this book, was on her bucket list to do before turning 30-years-old. She checked it off her list one week before her 30th birthday. Through the process of late night writings, she gained major support from her family. Her brother, Christian Staples designed the cover, and her cousin Adrienne Staples helped with the editing and the ordering of poems.


Her biggest inspiration for this book, came from a friend she met in college, Tamera Horton. Tamera wrote and published her own poetry book titled Picture Perfect back in 2015. Seeing a fellow young African-American woman accomplish this motivated her. It told her she can do it too. Horton even shared her process of publishing. 

Portia Scott and Marissa Staples.

Marissa’s poem The Contract, discusses how an ex-boyfriend noticed that she gained weight during their relationship. Instead of gently telling her, or offering help and support to lose the weight, he made it clear that if she didn’t get back down to a certain size, he was going to leave.

Another poem, Repeat Offender, looks at a college relationship where broken trust and cheating led to a baby outside of the relationship. Marissa stayed thinking time would heal everything, but it didn’t.

“Love Carousel is definitely a good read. Not only because the poems are beautifully written, but because they are so personal and relatable. I am ready for the next book!” said Portia Scott, creator and host of The Frequency Podcast. Marissa has also been featured on Portia’s podcast, discussing her book.


Of course, not all poems are about the horrors of relationships. Marissa cherishes being a daddy’s girl, celebrates the Black Woman and tells sexy occurrences that would make a church woman blush. “It feels good to be transparent with my readers, with myself. The feedback has been so positive that people are asking for a second book of short stories to go more in-depth with certain poems. I am up for the challenge. I also hope to have a book signing soon”. 


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Marissa’s book can be purchased online at Love Carousel.  For more information about the book, or if you have any questions, Marissa can be reached by Facebook, or emailing She is very open to work with book clubs, speaking engagements, book signings and more!  



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