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Good clean social distancing fun:
Cincy Red Bike Day Pass is only $10.


Cincy Red BikeRenting a bike is a great way to safely enjoy the city during this pandemic. A Day Pass grants you unlimited 24-Hour access to bikes and all stations. A credit or debit card is required for purchase and the bikes must be returned to a station every two hours to avoid overage fees. Do not worry, with the Day Pass, the bike can be checked right back out!  


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Here is how it works:

  1. Go to the Red Bike Station kiosk and purchase a Day Pass by selecting Start> Checkout Bike> New User. You will need a valid credit for payment, zip code, and mobile phone number.
  2. Once your pass is set up, select the dock number icon for the bike you want to check out. The dock will beep for 30 seconds, go over and tug on the handlebars to disengage the bike from the dock. Adjust the seat to fit your height, and you’re set to ride!

Remember, to avoid overage fees, the bike must be returned every two hours but can be checked right back out at no extra charge.

Cleaning and Sanitation:

With a blessing from Mayor Cranley, Red Bike has been permitted to reopen with new cleaning standards. Their approach is two-pronged: first, they will “apply a physical coating will be applied to the touchpoints of the bikes and stations that destroys viruses and bacteria and lasts for several months.” Second, “every bike and station will be cleaned and disinfected using an EPA approved disinfectant every time it is serviced by the Red Bike team. All team members will wear masks and gloves when in the field or interacting with the equipment.” To learn more about the new cleaning standards, visit the Red Bike Return to Service page.


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Ride a bike for a fun, convenient way to get around OTR, Downtown and the Riverfront in between concerts, dinner, and drinks. Avoid parking and traffic concerns on a Red Bike, and when you are done riding, dock a bike at one of the 57 stations in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Each bike comes with a lock, key, baskets, and lights. There are several stations throughout and nearby the Riverfront Parks and several more across the river in Newport and Covington.

If there are any questions about how the system works, check out the website, or download the app!  

Cincy Red Bike  BCycle App  


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Cincy Red Bike Day Pass Regular Rates:

Single Ride Pass $3
With a Single Ride Pass, you simply pay as you go. The rental lasts 20 minutes and will cost $3 every 20 minutes.

Day Pass $10
A Day Pass can be used for 24 hours, with unlimited 120-minute rides and 24-hour station access. A day pass can be purchased online or at one of the stations. Credit card is required.

Month Pass $18
A Month Pass functions the same as a Day Pass but gives you access to the bikes for 30 days at a time.

Annual Pass $100
Annual Pass can be used 24/7. This must be purchased online. The user will receive a bike card.


Cincy Red Bike Tips:

  • Bikes must be checked in every two hours.
  • For trips over 2 hours, it will cost $5 / additional hour, with up to a $20 maximum for the day.


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Written by Crystal Kendrick

President of The Voice of Your Customer and founder of The Voice of Black Cincinnati.

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