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2nd Annual Uncommon Crusade

November 23, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Duke Energy Convention Center

2nd Annual Uncommon Crusade
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This photo Gospel Artist Candy West is user submitted. 

Seron Brooks is bringing a dynamic lineup of speakers and Crusaders to the 2nd Annual Uncommon Crusade.


When you think of what success looks like, what comes to mind? The majority of people would say a nice house, possibly a nice car, and of course a good job. To most, if you have those three things, then you are successful. Being successful must mean you’re happy, right? We have all heard the adage that money cannot buy you happiness…nor can it buy you emotional healing, guidance, or provide you with a sense of unity.


Seron Brooks hopes to unify the city of Cincinnati through intentional effort and prayer. Brooks understands that before you can unify or heal the city, you must first start with the person. So many men and women have been conditioned to obtain monetary belongings, but rarely are we taking the time to take a look past a person’s physical possessions and taking the time to build internal wealth.


This event is FREE and open to the public. During the 2nd Annual Uncommon Crusade, there will be panel discussions, a solutions panels, and guests will get to hear from gospel recording artist Candy West. To learn more this life-changing event, or to read more about Evangilist Brooks’ testimony, please visit Impact-ChangeNow.


Brooks has spent the majority of his adolescent and adult life in the Ohio Penal System, living the only life he knew how to live. For Brooks, the problem was that up until a surprising chain of events that led to his salvation you could not tell him that there was anything wrong with the way he was living. What was inside of him had been deeply rooted in his upbringing and his lifestyle. Sure, you could teach young Brooks how to pass a job interview, you could assist him in getting an apartment or help him obtain a car, but those external things were not nearly enough to address what had already been ingrained in him.


This realization, combined with his encounter with Christ, led Brooks to look deeper into the way we heal our communities. As a result of his encounter, Brooks started Impact Change Now, a space where people who are typically overlooked or written off in communities can overcome their adversities through Christ. Impact Change Now helps with anger management, how to develop interpersonal relationships, as well as helping individuals find a job.


Brooks has employed more than 400 men and women, many with felony records. However, he is more proud that he has also assisted in saving thousands of people, many of whom are from the same communities where Brook once sold drugs and participated in other illicit activities.

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Duke Energy Convention Center
525 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Cincinnati, OH 45202 United States
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