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Tell us what you think ~ Hamilton County Communities Where Homes Are Selling the Fastest  


Crystal Kendrick
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13/01/2019 7:54 pm  

On October 25, 2018, our friends at the Cincinnati Business Courier stated that homes in Silverton are selling faster than any of community in the county. In fact, 51 homes were sold in the 1 square-mile village in the first eight months of the year and the average cumulative days on the market is 9.4 days. What do you think about buying a home and living in Silverton?

Here is the article for more details:

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Chavon Skelton
 Chavon Skelton
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18/04/2019 10:48 am  

Hi I personally would not buy a home in Silverton because it is away from everything. I feel the City is buying the homes to renovate them to make them section 8 efficiency to move colored people away from the downtown area so the Caucasian people can be closer to their jobs like it was in the 60's and 70's. I personally Do not like what is being done in the City the City is focused on the wrong things. How about the city create fun things for the kids to do so they can stay off the streets. They took all the extracurricular activities out the schools and the crime rates went up even more mainly involving colored people getting killed due to violence and lack of motivation to strive for better.


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