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Children's Services Worker

Job and Family Services
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Cincinnati OH 45202

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Compensation: $20.99 / Hour
Posted Date: 11/02/2023
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Children’s Services Worker

Job Summary

You will support children and families by keeping children safe and advocating for families. We offer a comprehensive training program for all new hires, including classroom training, shadowing, virtual reality experience, coaching, and engagement with our regional training center. This is a critical role that directly impacts the outcomes of the children and families whom we serve. This role may be a good fit if you excel in interpersonal communication and problem-solving and enjoy fast-paced work environments.

  • Full-Time
  • Part-Time (night or day shift)


Job Description

Are you interested in serving our community and helping to protect our county’s most vulnerable children? At Hamilton County Children’s Services, this is what we do every day. We seek compassionate, tenacious workers dedicated to ensuring children are safe.

  • Hybrid work schedule.
  • Culture promoting growth and learning.
  • Tuition reimbursement and benefits are available only for the full-time position.
  • Accessible and close downtown parking for office days.



  • Starting at Base Pay $20.99
  • This has a pay differential of 10% or 20% on top of the base rate.
  • Assessment $4.20 (20%) as a pay differential. Family Services $2.10 (10%) as a pay differential.
  • You can also increase your hourly base pay rate for experience up to (8%), MSW (5%), and LSW/LISW 2%.



  • Bachelor’s degree in human services-related field or
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field and two (2) years’ work experience in a human service-related occupation.
    • A bachelor’s or master’s in a human services-related field would be required within five years.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license issued in the state of residency.
  • Must have the use of an insured automobile.
  • A criminal records check conducted by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation and the FBI is required.

Job Duties (Summary)

  • Completes assessments of child safety in response to Intake Reports of physical and sexual abuse, neglect, and dependency within mandated timeframes and by federal, state, and agency policy. Research previous Children’s Services history, criminal history, court involvement, and other applicable information for all individuals associated with Intake Report and case members. Conducts and engages in face-to-face interviews with all children in the household of assessment, parent(s)/caregiver(s), and alleged maltreater(s) to make continuous decisions regarding child safety.
  • Assesses and ensures child safety at every contact, frequently including direct consultation with the supervisor regarding safety decision-making. Assessments shall consist of pertinent information collection from all parties regarding alleged maltreatment, surrounding circumstances, adult and child functioning, parenting practice, and discipline to ensure an accurate safety determination. Understands and determines parent/caregiver protective capacities.
  • Conducts interviews in homes, schools, hospitals, and other community settings as required. When appropriate, seeks medical evaluation of children and completes referrals to law enforcement.
  • Controls for child safety immediately when a child is determined unsafe by confirmation of Present or Impending Danger Safety Threats; Completes Safety Plan Analysis questions to choose least restrictive safety plan that is able to control for specific family circumstance and conditions; Confirms Safe Environment for all out of home safety plans and placements; Works with specialized staff to access appropriate stations and prepare children and families for post; discusses and partners with family to develop case plan specific to increasing their protective capacities and decreasing active safety threats in home; completes necessary referrals; Maintains regular contact with supportive service providers to ensure coordination and effectiveness of services; provides frequent and ongoing communication for parent/child parenting time; visits regularly with parent/caregivers and child(ren), including assessment of safety at every visit, per agency policies and required state standards; continues ongoing monitoring of case progression until the case is transferred or closed; completes necessary paperwork and SACWIS functions to move or close case as appropriate and deemed essential for case progression.
  • Completes necessary paperwork and documentation on a timely basis for case activities, which shall include but is not limited to case reviews, safety assessments, case plans, placements, court reports, court complaints, SACWIS activity notes, and placement changes. Responsible for demonstrating proficiency in mobile technology to aid in maintaining written documentation of assessment activities within required time frames, including but not limited to Safety and Family Assessments, Activity Logs, and Present Danger and Impending Danger Safety Plans. Responsible for other mandated paperwork as outlined by state regulations and agency policy.
  • Reviews prior agency history and completes background and criminal checks on parent(s) and alternative caretaker(s). Responsible for maintaining the Children’s Services File.
  • Consults with Hamilton County Prosecutors Office, execute requests for legal actions, testify to and demonstrate support of the agency’s position regarding the case, and prepare for, attend, and participate in necessary court hearings. Attends conferences, reviews, supervision, and training (these activities may include family conferences, transfer conferences, semi-annual inspections, individual and group supervision sessions, section and staff meetings, relevant training, etc.)
  • Practices in a way that demonstrates awareness and understanding of cultural competency, socioeconomic differences, and respect for diversity in interactions and work with families display an awareness of the impact implicit bias has on outcomes for children and families.
  • Participates in organizational improvement projects, strategic planning meetings, and practice advancement efforts as needed.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
  • Attends conferences and training.


Essential Job Factors

  • Must undergo a background check via the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI). Must have a car, a valid driver’s license issued by the state of residency, and required auto liability insurance.

Position Specific Qualifications

  • Lift and carry children; lift and carry car seats; lift and carry infant carriers.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Excellent written and verbal communication, strong organization skills, superior time management

Agency-Preferred Qualifications

  • Degree in Social Work
  • Licensed Social Worker

Physical and Mental Requirements

  • Lift and carry children, child car seats, infant carriers, large case files, and occasionally push a cart containing case files
  • Stand the entire length of the home visit (an hour or longer),
  • Conduct home visits despite extreme temperatures and inclement weather
  • Significant walking to, from, and during home visits, supervised visitation, court, meetings, and other obligations.
  • Frequently enter and exit motor vehicle
  • Often climbing and descending stairs
  • Potentially seeing and hearing traumatic events/situations
  • Sitting for extended periods while working on the computer, home visits, court, meetings, etc.
  • Stooping, bending, crouching
  • Ability to lift 60 pounds.
  • They are potentially reading/seeing and hearing traumatic events/situations.

Hazardous and Working Conditions

  • Potentially hazardous/dangerous situations that could involve upset/violent clients
  • Animals or insects in family homes
  • This position requires some tasks that must be completed in the H.C.J.F.S. offices, in court, or in the field; it is not eligible for full-time telework.

Background Checks Required

Background checks consistent with requirements in OAC 5101:2-5-09 must be completed at employment and every ten years following, including but not limited to the following systems:
  • State Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS)
  • State Child/Abuse Neglect Central Registry Check for any state in which the applicant resided within the last five years
  • Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification Investigation (BCI)
  • FBI
  • National Sex Offender Public Website (WWW.NSOPW.Gov) Code 5101:2-5-09 must be conducted for each prospective employee.


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